Sunday Prayer

I went to church today. My church smells like cedar and tastes like rain. Surrounding me is artwork Divinely made. In church I did not ask for blessings. I am already so awesomely blessed. With a quiet mind, embracing gratitude, I whispered a simple prayer, “Thank you for the hay at the bottom of my purse, in each of my pockets and probably in my hair as well.”

This hay means today I was able to do something that feels on the magnitude of soul’s purpose, life’s work. Mucking out urine soaked straw, carrying sloshing water buckets, and hauling hay in winter rains at early dawn may not seem like the most holy of acts. Yet, it is how I show my appreciation for the gift of their lives and my gratitude for the beauty they bring to mine. This time is sacred time. Grounded and humbled, I act in service to Nature’s creatures. I have no such attitude of wanting to be needed or thinking they can’t live without me. I do it as an act of daily devotion to nurture relationship- a relationship which in time and with patience, allows me to see into their world, to see through their eyes and learn the wisdom they have to teach. Wisdom that balances, heals, strengthens, endures. Nature has so much to offer when we humble our human selves to hear Her teachings.

These relationships, whether with dogs, horses, goats, hummingbirds or plants, bring me joy of the deepest kind, fill me with sweet pure purpose, and at times, send me to my knees in sorrow and grief. But that is how I know it to be my Truth- only one’s heart and soul can ask, urge and provide this much.



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