Final Memories

July 1, 2015

Dear Doggy Diary,

Mom fed me peas tonight, right off the vine. Why Abby spits them out, I do not understand…the crunch cannot be surpassed. After the eating of the peas, she hosed me off which always makes me run around the yard like my ass is on fire as I try to shake that cold mess off. It gets a good laugh out of her each time. Then, she did me the kindness of brushing me real nice. The summer heat was making my black hairs fall out in clumps at a rapid rate. As the evening faded into twilight, her and I sat high up on the front steps letting the cool breeze ease us both. My purpose for coming into Mama’s life was finished and this was to be our last night together. Abby and I had talked earlier, and unlike her usual self, she agreed to let us have this time for just the two of us. Mama took the cushion off the chair and we sat outside on those steps sniffing the airs together. There wasn’t a lot of room on that cushion, but I squeezed myself up next to her as close as I could get. Together, we sat quietly in a state of gentle peace. Mama always knew our time together would not be long enough, so she made sure to show me each and everyday how much she loved me. As she has done a thousand times, before she went to bed she tucked me in and kissed my head and said, “Goodnight, Dodger. Mama loves.”

As I lay here now, Mama sound asleep in her bed, I think about how far we’ve come in our almost seven years together. When I first decided she was to be my Mama, her heart was broken in a troubling way. I was the medicine she needed. Tonight, while I know in the hours and days to come her heart will break again, I also know she has what is required to heal. She always told me that I was strong in my tenderness- that my power was in my kindness and in the openhearted, wholehearted way I received her and loved her. I hope she remembers this come tomorrow morning. This is her medicine to give now.

All in love and all for peace,

DodgerDodger and Rachel


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